About Exoumbra!

Hi my name is Moose! I'm the sole owner of Exoumbra and I started my shop in 2014 on Etsy, The brand has evolved so much over the past 8 years, but my aim has always been to make weird, comfortable clothing in a wide range of sizing!

As a plus size person I found it endlessly frustrating that there wasn't weird clothing in my size. So I set out to make clothing to fill that void!

Everything in the shop is created with low fabric waste in mind, and I re-use fabric scraps into my clothing designs!

My clothing designs are inspired by witchy silhouettes meaning loads of asymmetrical pointy hems. Goth and emo fashion of the 2000's, horror, Harajuku Fashion, with an emphasis on oversized clothing, and mis-matched patterns. I love making clothing with no 'gender' as well!

I also design my own fabrics and get them printed! I've been doing digital horror art for a while and I love artists Trevor Henderson, and anything cursed or creepy pasta inspired. And I love incorporating those into my designs.

Thanks so much for reading! My personal and art Instagram below if you'd like to follow for more!


Got any questions? Drop me an email!